1. Update: Power To The Pixel


    I know it’s been quiet on here for the past few months, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Development can be a long and winding road, and I’ve been reluctant to share details publicly, since everything is subject to change until we get the green…

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  2. Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION In the Matter of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet: REPLY COMMENTS OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST, INC.

    The WGA filed their final brief with the FCC in favor of Net Neutrality and against Paid Prioritization schemes.

    And, um, they quote me in the first paragraph.

    Wasn’t expecting that.

    Hit the link above for the full filing.  

    Make sure to see page 8 for spyscribe's submission.

    My full statement is on page 10.

    Here’s a bit I want to call out:

    "But even more importantly, [The Lizzie Bennet Diaries] inspired legions of new creators to make their own shows – many of them filming on webcams in their bedrooms and delivering content to growing online audiences…. Removing open access to the Internet will stifle the launch of this entire next generation of creators. We cannot afford that.”

    Every time I see a new show that mentions LBD as an inspiration, I am blown away. YOU GUYS are the future, and you’re worth standing up for.

  3. jobhaver:

    1. witch house, moon powered
    2. vaporwave, steam powered
    3. space rock, solar powered
    4. ambient, wind powered
    5. psychedelic trance, mind powered
    6. drum and bass, are the bass farm raised or wild caught?
    7. acid house, too many chemicals
    8. industrial, very heavy carbon footprint
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  4. The Dune Drinking Game


    Well. At least I know how I’m going to die.

    I see drinks within drinks.

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  5. If you were circumcised, are you a victim? – Rhys Southan – Aeon

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