1. nslayton:

    The single greatest exchange of dialogue in film history.

    Always reblog the Serious Delirium

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  2. 1: Watch Your Ceiling Fans


    The first episode of our podcast, “Fire Talk With Me” is up! 

    Top of the listening priority list

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  3. The thing is, I don’t see nearly enough people talking about Shadow Unit. Maybe it has to do with the small corner of the internet which I inhabit, or because like most short fiction, it isn’t something that gets talked about, but it should. So, let me say this: Shadow Unit is one of the most engrossing, moving, painful, and wonderful things that I have read. I have enjoyed every moment of the last seven years I have been reading this collaborative project, even the painful ones. Especially the painful ones, because those are the moments that remind me that this is something I’ve truly connected with, that they mattered to me. Shadow Unit may be finished, but these are the characters that will linger.
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    Maybe if Gotham had a higher marginal tax rate and estate tax, they wouldn’t need a privatized vigilante to supplement their police department.


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  5. Rog On Picking A Premier League Team



    I am fascinated by how American Premier League fans identify a rooting interest. Free of such obligations as a “local” team to support, the stories are most often full of wonder. The product of a chance exchange student experience in Leicester or a random relative hailing from Stoke.


    One of…

    I lived in the UK during the 1998 World Cup. I got into Liverpool because a) my boyfriend at the time already supported them and b) Michael Owen was my age and that totally made an impression on me at the time. Also, I like to sing along with thousands of my friends.

    Football update: My first exposure to Tottenham Hotspur (or as bronwen calls them Tottenham Hotspot) and Man City this weekend was lackluster. Although that may have been because I was still recovering from Comic-con and in a bit of a daze. 

    But it means that there’s still room for Chelsea, Liverpool or some other team to win my affections.  Perhaps Coventry City. Yeah, I know they’re not in the Premier League. But I never, ever tire of donning an Eric Idle voice to say, “It was in fact a trick question. Coventry City have NEVER won the FA Cup.”

    (Even though I have now been enlightened that they DID win it in 1987.  Sorry Karl Marx, no lounge suite for you.)

    Also, this: 

    "Sport is ultimately about feelings.  Feeling emotions you are meant to experience in everyday life — happiness, anticipation, fear, ecstasy, searing disappointment — but are regrettably numb to."  The fact that it’s inherently meaningless is what allows us to ascribe meaning to it.

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