1. The idea that art is art, outside of self and taste and worth.  That is the question I am grappling with tonight.  Intellectually, I believe that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of something I’ve created.  In practice, of course, that’s not a truth.  I am just as human as anyone else, stymied by negativity.

    Then I watch this goddamned documentary ‘Scott Walker: 30 Century Man’ and am confronted with a man who seems to walk the walk and not just talk the talk (like me).  To just create, to just wholly and utterly give birth to what is inside of you, and not disown it or vilify it or praise it, but let it go, unjudged.  To be pleased with the process, alone, and unfettered by what anyone thinks…this is the ultimate goal.

    Amber Benson’s Official Blog: Scott Walker: 30 Century Man

    I keep hearing about this doc. Must watch soon.

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