1. Because I’m an Artifact Person. If I love something, I want to have The Thing so I can treasure it and refer to it forever, whether that thing is an album or a book or a movie or a baseball game. Artifact People are driven by the belief that if they just acquire every last bit of knowledge on/about/adjacent to something they love, they will then receive some grand universal truth. Artifact People are Ahabs, always searching for that One Thing, even when a sane mind would tell them to knock it off. My father was a Story Person. To him, having an entertaining tale to tell was more important than acquiring the things relating to that tale. He did not want to be bogged down in facts. The memory of something was enough, because you could weave anything from what you remembered, or thought you remembered. Story People are Ishmaels, telling you what happened filtered through their own sensibilities, insisting their story is just about whales and is not a metaphor or an allegory or any sort, even when you know they’re lying through their teeth. Even when they know you know this.
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