1. Imagine seeing this happen live. Or if you can’t, imagine if Lost had ended with Matthew Fox apparently possessed by the Smoke Monster. The Internet would have gone into core meltdown. People would have rioted. Or started a #TwinPeaksRiot hashtag on Twitter and never actually done anything. But this was TV in 1991. No social-networking platforms, ergo no socially networked outrage. No grassroots #SixSeasonsAndAMovie campaigns, either; no DirecTV reprieves, no IFC or Netflix to bankroll new episodes, no chance of an expanded-universe line of graphic novels starring weirdly drawn approximations of MacLachlan & Co. You kids today, with your entitlement and your recaps and your direct line to Dan Harmon’s man-cave — you don’t know how good you have it. It’s almost like the whole of Internet TV-fandom was called into being to prevent anyone from ever again suffering the kind of non-closure Twin Peaks fans got from that diabolically open-ended finale
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