1. And it’s an AT&T iPhone, which I have said for years is almost like not having an iPhone at all. Sometimes, when I have an important text to send, I’ll type in the text and then just throw the phone at the person who needs to receive it—it’s the only way to be sure it’s delivered.

    Mike Daisey: A Modest Proposal: Why You Should Delay Upgrading To The iPhone 5

    So I didn’t wait. I pre-ordered. It was a close call, but for a variety of reasons it made sense to order now. But I very nearly didn’t - so near that I even told Twitter. And would have been totally comfortable with that course of action.

    The biggest reason was the finally get the hell away from AT&T, which I am now convinced is being run by a collective of machines that gained sentience by reading a mistranslation of the collected works of Kafka.

    1. spytap said: AT&T saw Catch-22 not as an absurdist comedy, but as a set of guidelines.
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