1. It’s hard to choose a single favorite thing.  Here are a few:

    -Our cast.  I mean, seriously? I look forward to never being able to work with them again because they’re going to get ALL THE JOBS.

    -The writers room.  Getting to argue about Pride and Prejudice with a bunch of smart, passionate, talented folks is so much fun.  

    -You guys. Knowing you’re there, that you care so much, that you’re going to pore over every single element of everything we do pushes me to be better, to not settle, to take risks. 

    -I know I said the cast already, but I want to specifically mention Ashley.  Because she’s on screen all the time, it’s easy to start taking what she does for a given, to focus on who else is in the episode with her. But she carries this entire show on her shoulders. What she’s doing here, the acting job we’ve given her is REALLY DIFFICULT. And she makes it look effortless.

    -Alex. So smart. So funny. Has been absolutely indispensable, so much so that I can’t even believe there was a time before she worked on the show.

    -The Everything of It All. I’ve been doing this kind of storytelling for a long time, and have spent years trying to explain to people why it works, mostly to bewildered looks. But I’ve always believed that there’s an audience for it. And you guys have proved it.

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