1. The New isn’t dying. But being The New, it’s just not doing the same thing it was doing 5 years ago. (Four years ago, I was shooting gif street, nightlife, and portrait photography. Now Viacom and Calvin Klein do that.)

    I see lots of cultural pioneers struggle with this, sitting idly and resentfully by while others make fortunes pipelining oil they prospected, then complaining once all the oil is gone.

    This meme cycle occurs with music, clubs, visuals, fashion, personal relationships, philosophies, and, yes, it didn’t suddenly become LESS potent now that there happens to be a giant electronic meme cyclotron called the Internet.

    This is a force of nature. It doesn’t mean revolutions all fail; this is, in fact, the means by which cultural evolution actually occurs. You can try to fight it, like stubbornly resisting evacuation warnings before a hurricane, or you can grab a surf board and make some waves.

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    cultural change thoughts are hot. 

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