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    It looks like the owners of the house we rent are probably selling, which means that Will and I are moving.

    We’re on a month-to-month, so there’s nothing gained by digging our heels in and staying. The weird thing is that in the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about moving. Like, a lot. I love…

    Mar Vista, FTW!

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      I also have lived in Mar Vista and enjoyed my time there! Oh and Nina, I will SOOOOOOO come take some of those dresses...
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      I have lived in Mar Vista.
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      Okay first of all LA PARTY PEOPLES, please help my friends out with any leads you have because they are amazing people...
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      Mar Vista, FTW!
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      As Nina has already told you, we are getting ready to move. Like my wife I am looking to simplify and take less stuff...
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